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The Lunstad's

Addilynn's Biggest Bee-lievers

Addilynn is the youngest daughter of Shawn and Toby Lunstad.  She is a little sister to Tayler (Duell) and Tyson.  She is also an auntie to her nephew Boone!  Addilynn is fiercely loved and supported by her family as she faces barriers and developmental setbacks caused by CACNA1A-related disorders.

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Why We Bee-lieve...

Addilynn is 8 years old and has shown a tremendous amount of strength and resilience despite the challenges that having a CACNA1A variant has thrown at her.  We all bee-lieve in Addilynn. Keep reading to learn why each of us value Addilynn and are committed to making sure her life is filled with fun and adventure.  

 Shawn loves how Addilynn's smile radiates joy and happiness.  He willingly obliges Addilynn's favorite thing to do...which is to GO FAST in pretty much anything!  Her sweet and caring personality inspires him and he is in constant admiration of how a such a young person can be so strong.  

Toby and Addilynn have been referred to as the "dynamic duo."  They have spoken to groups about CACNA1A and disability awareness in their community.  Toby loves Addilynn's mischievous and caring nature.  Addilynn is also the strongest and most determined person she knows...Addilynn has had her milestones stolen from her on several occasions due neurological events caused by her CACNA1A variant.  Rather than be frustrated and give up, Addilynn digs in and works hard.  She has a depth of resilience that is truly admirable.  

Taylar and Duell describe Addilynn as intelligent, attentive, and brave.  Their favorite things about her infectious giggle, her fancy fingernails, and how she makes sure everyone knows what she is thinking about everything. Addilynn is not afraid to share her opinions.

Tyson says Addilynn reminds him of a beautiful flower.  Strong and resilient enough to weather any storm, but delicate and fragile, requiring attention and care to continue to thrive.


Boone thinks Addilynn is the coolest auntie EVER!  He learned how to say her name (all 3 syllables) at a very young age.  He is always excited to see her!

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